Side Mounted Level Switch

Side Mounted Level Switch
SERIES: SC / L - 501

Side mounted level switch used to control liquid level in vessels containing corrosive or non corrosive liquids. It is used to pump control, Alarm, valve control or level indication.

The float lever carries a permanent magnet which is repelled by similar magnet mounted in the switch housing. The magnet having the same pole directed towards each other are separated by a non magnetic diaphragm. The gland less construction offer excellent sealing.

    CONSTRUCTION: It consists of 3 main parts
  • ➩ Housing with Micro Switch
  • ➩ Mounting Flange
  • ➩ Float Assembly
  • ➩ Easy to Install
  • ➩ Reliable
  • ➩ Available with different flange size
  • ➩ Available in different MOC

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